Rutland Community Club

The Rutland Community Club (RCC) was established as a nonprofit organization in 1972. The Articles of Incorporation state its purpose which, primarily, is to promote, stimulate and encourage the commercial and industrial growth of the City of Rutland. Every resident of Rutland is a member of the Community Club.

The RCC is the primary sponsor of the Rutland ND website as well as for many events and activities including the Rutland fun night, the Rutland block party, Santa Day, and the annual Uffda Day event held the first Sunday in October, and more.

The Rutland Community Club meets the second Monday of each month at 5 p.m. at City Hall. Meeting dates and times are posted on this website and on the Rutland Facebook page.

Contact Info

Rutland Community Club
PO Box 53
Rutland ND 58067-0053

Group Members

Katie McLaen

Carolyn Christensen

Andrea Erickson

Hal Nelson

Kaia Mahrer

Morgan Peterson